Thursday, June 19, 2008

I knew it!!!;_ylc=X3oDMTVlbzIxbWZoBF9HA3BlcnNvbmFscwRfUwMyNzE2MTQ5BF9zAzIwMjMyNjkyNjUEawNTaGUgU2F5cyB2cy4gSGUgU2F5czogV2hhdCYjMzk7cyBIZWlnaHQgR290IHRvIERvIFdpdGggTG92ZQRzZWMDZnBfdG9kYXkEc2xrA3NoZS1zYXlzLXZzLWhlLXNheXMtd2hhdHMtaGVpZ2h0LWdvdC10by1kby13aXRoLWxvdmUEenoDYQ--

Lies I tell you.  I knew you Amazon women didn't like us Hobbits.  I'm tempted to punch a tall chick in the knee...

Bringing this blog back and seeing this article, it reminded me of when I wrote about being a midget in a sea of giants.  It's become more so with where I live.  Either that or I've gotten shorter.  But I think it has more to do with living closer to the ocean.  The good weather does wonders with health.  I can only imagine how tall I'd be if I grew up with it.

Maybe I'd be tall enough to go on that ride at Magic Mountain.  Or perhaps I still wouldn't have to drive my car while sitting in a baby seat.  Man!  What's a short brother got to do to get some love around here!!!


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